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Capt. Alan Marsh with Steve Fossett, intrepid adventurer who went missing over the Nevada desert


Moderne high tech propeller

Airspace Services Ltd,

· A highly regarded consultancy for total aviation solutions. Working globally and collaborating with international partners, Airspace Services Ltd have  established their reputation by working areas as diverse as the USA, EU, China and Nigeria


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· Sudan

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Capt Alan MArsh meets adventurer Steve Fossett

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Sales and Export Financing for U.S. Aircraft, 
Engines, Spares,
and Maintenance

Collaborative partners

Working with international partners Airspace Services can offer global solutions to meet all aviation requirements

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Technology Services

Technology consultants
Text Box: Wiring Harness & Cable, LLC
Custom Wiring Harness and Cable Assemblies
Text Box: Avman Engineering
Maintenance of BAE 146/RJ aircraft, as well as the repair and maintenance of Honeywell ALF 502/LF 507
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State-of-the-art corporate flight handling and trip support
Royal Marines
Amphibious Forces


•               Crash Investigation for Owners and Insurance companies

•              Aircraft identification, valuation and appreciation

•               Route identification and evaluation

•               Pilot and cabin staff training (assistance and support)

•               Simulator training (initial through continuation)

•               Maintenance compliance and schedules across FAA,  EASA and developing countries

•               Test flying with noise suppression and performance including winglets

•               Disaster rescue organizational flights

•               Humanitarian support

•               Airline aircraft and uniform design

•               Aircraft total financing

•               Spare parts location and supply

•               Historic aircraft preservation and promotion

•               Government agency representation

•               Capacity planning consultancy

TV report of successful landing of a stricken airliner by Capt, Alan Marsh

Experienced commercial and test pilot

International air crash investigation

Service List

Crash investigation and aircraft identification

A major incident to investigate

Major destruction of the craft

Another crash investigation

An engine revealed

Not every crash site is readily accessible

Required protection in hostile environments

Not all defective repairs are this obvious

Classic example of quilting

Poor repairs in this case easily identified

A long process of evidence gathering ahead

Text Box: Crash investigation

Airspace Services Ltd

International aviation consultancy

Text Box: Recent Inspections

Recent surveys inspections and aircraft identifications that Airspace Services Ltd have been commissioned

Inspection & identification

Visual fan blade inspection

High temperature wheel tyre protection

Paint logo assists due diligence

Optimum storage conditions within the USA

Past history, logos and airframe view

Wheel bay exposures

Interior transformation

Cabin hospitality facilities to good health standard

What category of cabin facilities are important

Surveys and inspections

Date: 11/03/2014


Maintaining integrity during modification

New style propellers


737 offers possibilities for corporate high level refits

Multi functional design, maintaining a high level of  finish

And of course

Engines the lifeblood of aviation

Swale Reach

Wraik Hill




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Test pilot: Here with colleagues next to the prototype 707

Central figure in the continued support of the spirit of Kent

Project management. Making sure the standards of re fit are maintained

Commercial pilot of many marques

Recent consultation on future requirements for London airport capacity

Helicopters as well as fixed wing consultations

A planning meeting at their Kent offices

Long term projects:

Manston then

And in 2014

Aircraft modification—the addition of winglets

Capt Alan Marsh at his offices in Kent

…. And with time comes experience

Text Box: Experience

Capable of welcoming all

Capt Alan MArsh lands stricken aircraft

And averting disasters

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